Your Guide to CARES Act Funding

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the multi-faceted economic relief package passed to address the impact of the pandemic.  While the funding covers a wide array of areas, public safety and law enforcement agencies can utilize the funding to aid in their efforts to reduce the spread of the virus (and help fund critical technology needs). 

To qualify for funding there needs to be proper justification of how the technology will aid efforts to stop the spread.  Justification includes: 

  • Technology allows for a mobile workforce, giving the flexibility to work from home and adhere to social distancing mandates. 
  • Advanced technology can aid in the tracking and monitoring efforts to minimize the spread of the virus.  

Technology for Public Safety Agencies to Reduce the Spread of the Virus

The following products all support the justifications above to benefit agencies during this pandemic. 

Body-Worn Camera and Evidence Management| Getac Video Solutions

The complete video system offered by GVS combines in-car, body-worn and interview room footage into single case file for seamless digital case management.  Due to the digital and cloud capabilities, automatic uploads remove the need to manually plug in devices at the station. 

Justification: The digital sharing capabilities of GVS allows for remote work away from the department, adhering to social distancing mandates.

Mobile Computing | Getac

To efficiently work in this digital world, computers are a necessity.  Ensure your team has the adaptability to work anywhere with rugged computing from Getac. Laptops, tablets and convertibles offer flexible remote work solutions.

Justification: Mobile computing provides your entire team with the ability to work from home (or from patrol vehicles), allowing for proper social distancing.

Video Analysis | BriefCam

Minimizing crowds, keeping a safe distance and wearing a face mask are all proven ways to combat the spread of the virus.  The powerful video analysis platform offered by BriefCam provides the ability to monitor and enforce those critical steps.  Platform capabilities include: 

  • Proximity Detection
  • Face mask Detection
  • Contact Tracing
  • People Counting Alerts
  • Analyze Traffic Data – Draw connections and make changes based on vehicular traffic patterns, pedestrians crowds and dwell durations. From developing roadways and pedestrian pathways to relieve congestion to preventing bottlenecks and optimizing traffic flows.
  • Identify Hotspots

Justification: Actively monitor public areas through existing cameras to track and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Situational Awareness | Live Earth

Map out a geographical area in real-time with Live Earth to get situational awareness insights directly related to cases to monitor and manage the spread.  Live Earth monitors: 

  • COVID-19 Confirmed Cases, which shows the number of confirmed cases in each country.
  • COVID-19 Deaths, which shows the number of confirmed deaths in each country.
  • COVID-19 Recoveries, which shows the number of people who have recovered.
  • COVID-19 Aggregate, which combines all 3 of these data layers.
  • Geofencing security software, create a shape around all physical locations or the locations your employees are traveling to and from.
  • Custom Real-Time Alerts, when new cases of COVID-19 are reported that come within a specific distance of a facility, flight destination or employee location to have increased situational awareness at all times 

Justification: Actively monitor public areas through existing cameras to track and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Technology is a powerful asset, especially to monitor and reduce the spread of a global pandemic.  If your department is interested in applying for CARES Act funding, then the Brite team is here to help at every stage. 

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