The Latest Real-Time Intelligence Technology | Virtual Conference Series

We believe in the power of technology and using its capabilities to support departments to keep communities and individuals safe.  To help achieve that mission, we help departments leverage advanced technologies to transform into real-time command centers. 

Our real-time Intel Center features:

  • LPR Technology with Rekor
  • Video analytics with BriefCam
  • Body-worn and In-vehicle video with Getac Video Solutions
  • Situational awareness with Live Earth
  • Drone defense with AeroDefense

Learn how your public safety department can utilize each technology to build your custom real-time command center to address your communities needs in the following videos.  

Rekor | LPR Technology

Rekor revamped LPR technology by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into its software – resulting in 99.02% accuracy. Learn more about Rekor and its unique approach to License Plate Recognition.


BriefCam | Video Analytics

Video is a proven, powerful asset. The downfall? It’s time-consuming to manually review video looking for leads and information. Find out how the BriefCam platform allows users to review hours of footage in minutes.


Getac Video | Body-worn and In-vehicle

Like we said, video is a powerful asset. Integrate body-worn, in-vehicle and interview room footage into one case file for easy management with Getac Video Solutions.


Live Earth | Situational Awareness

Protecting communities requires continuous, real-time observation and management of the area. While there are numerous tools to help, monitoring each individually is challenging and time-consuming. Live Earth integrates systems into a single feed for easy management. Learn what feeds you can manage with Live Earth.


AeroDefense | Drone Detection

The rise of drone use has resulted in an increase in threats. AeroDefense detects & locates both the drone and the pilot using RF sensors to mitigate risks in a wide range of environments. Learn how to secure your area with AeroDefense.


Interested in a more in-depth demo of one of the technologies? Reach out and we’ll connect you to your local rep.

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