Privileged Account Access

Compromised privileged accounts are a common thread in the major breaches. Hackers can generate new accounts and navigate unnoticed for extensive periods of time. Protect one of the most likely vulnerabilities with proactive protection, control and monitoring of on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments and improve your privileged account access security.

Privileged Account Management (PAM): The Common Thread in Breaches

Unsecured privileged accounts continue to be a significant risk facing organizations. A breach involving a privileged account can go unnoticed for more than 200 days.

To properly protect an organization’s privileged accounts, Brite suggests a 5-step approach: discover, manage, monitor, alert and control. Following this process will ensure protection of the most critical accounts.


Account discovery should not be static. Continuously run discovery for all users with privileged account credentials. Ensure that only those who should have privileged account access actually do have access.


Centrally manage privileged account credentials with an automatically rotated password and SSH key to eliminate the need for manually intensive, error-prone password management.


Monitor all privileged accounts for anomalous activity and record sessions in an encrypted vault to ensure proper use.


Correlate multiple data sources and behavior analysis with complex statistical algorithms to detect malicious behavior. When suspicious behavior is detected, security teams are alerted of the possible intrusion.


Gain central control of all privileged accounts and restrict access to systems or terminate sessions based on pre-defined risk activities.

Single Sign On (SSO): Maintain Strong Digital Personas

Improve user experience by reducing the effort to access critically important sites and applications while enhancing security posture.

User experience is very important. Access to critical applications is as equally important. IT users and end users deserve a positive user experience coupled with the security standards required today.

The perfect storm for unsecure passwords and countless requests for password resets has occurred. Hundreds of precious man-hours are used every year to reset passwords and recover to breaches caused by worn-out passwords.

Utilize a SSO platform and ensure users have access to the platforms and data they need, while securing the organization’s assets.

Identity Access Management (IAM): Be Confident in Who is Accessing Data

Long gone are the days of one email password per employee. As more business applications are used, Every user has more passwords and logins to manage. Knowing that one compromised credential can lead to catastrophic data breaches, organizations need a better way to manage credentials and access.

Identity and Access Management codifies users and groups and what each has access to. All application credentials and permissions are maintained in one central location, removing the burden of managing the vast array of account credentials and permissions.

Benefit: Increase Awareness, Reduce Breaches

Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to further ensure that the individual accessing is who they claim to be through an array of verification options that are CJIS compliant.

Secure the Cloud: CASB Solutions for Ultimate Security

Add an additional layer to your cloud security strategy with a complete CASB solution that:

  • assess cloud application risk
  • ensures data loss prevention for cloud assets
  • provides granular visibility and control
  • enforces security polices in real-tim
  • streamlines operations when accounts are compromised

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