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Powerful Co-Managed Open XDR

Abandon traditional SIEMs and leverage the power of a managed XDR security platform with BriteProtect for quicker incident detection and orchestrate faster responses.

What is Open XDR?

XDR stands for extended detection and response, designed to leverage your current security tools, enable quicker incident detection and orchestrate faster response – all where traditional SIEMs fall short. By collecting logs from disparate systems and normalizing the data, it is easy to visualize, detect, correlate, investigate and respond to attacks in real time across your entire organization.

Why Open XDR?

Powered by Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform, BriteProtect’s XDR natively correlates logs from any tool, providing rich insights and ensuring no coverage gaps. Highlights include:

  • AI-powered platform removes silos and improves both MTTD and MTTR
  • Works seamlessly with all existing security tools so you can retain and amplify your current investments

  • Unified platform proves complete coverage and full visibility within a single pane of glass, reducing complexity and cost

Benefits of Managed Open XDR

With Brite’s Managed Security Service, BriteProtect, remove the tactical and tedious job of monitoring systems, tuning tools and investigating alerts so your valuable resources can focus on the strategic activities. Gain an innovative and experienced 24/7 SOC.

See the Open XDR Platform in Action

Collect and Connect

BriteProtect’s Managed XDR platform collects raw data from any security tool, normalizes and enriches the information to create actionable insights. See how the collection is extended to include manual and automated responses.

Detect and Respond

Data is only valuable when it in transformed into actionable information. With BriteProtect, incidents are mapped against a Kill Chain. The most critical alerts can be quickly responded to through strategic, automatic playbooks. See how this information is usefully presented and efficiently utilized to shorten mean time to response.


Threat hunting is critical in cybersecurity operations and a key part of the BriteProtect approach. The Brite team proactively searches through rich datasets looking for malicious activity. Once detected, analysts respond and generate communication alerts based on predetermined playbooks. Playbooks set mutual expectations, formalize communications and insure a predictable result. While Brite maintains 200+ playbooks, these action plans are also customized to meet the specific customer needs.


NextGen Security Operations Platform Abilities

Monitoring and Investigation


Raw data from an extensive set of third-party tools is processed, normalized, correlated and mapped against the cybersecurity kill chain. Critical threats are then easily isolated to prioritize investigation in a co-managed platform.

NextGen SIEM (XDR)


XDR security fundamentally redefines threat detection and response, creating a NextGen SIEM experience. It automatically collects, normalizes and correlates all security data from multiple sources into a single platform. Furthermore, it leverages the security tools to automate immediate response.

Proactive Threat Hunting


A vast library of pre-built threat hunting apps provide immediate visibility into activities, actions and vulnerabilities across the entire network. Further investigations are easily completed through advanced filtering, searching, reporting and custom dashboards.

User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics Dashboard in the Open XDR platform

Obtain full visibility of user activity and track threats by user instead of type. Then, the system assigns users a risk score to easily identify at-risk individuals for simplified monitoring and protection.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Shorten Mean Time to Response (MTTR) with automated (or manual) actions, orchestrated with your existing (and future) security tools.

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) / Network Detection Response (NDR)


BriteProtect has the ability to examine all packets through the normalization of data, model traffic after common patterns to detect anomalous behaviors, and alert when appropriate.

Take XDR for a Test Drive

See how BriteProtect's Managed XDR will strengthen your security infrastructure

Our Process

Collect graphic

Collect the Right Data

Data collection and processing are at the core of BriteProtect’s open XDR platform. Gone are the struggles of having too much data, not enough data or no context for data. The data record is normalized, reduced and enriched with other telemetry giving context to what is actually occurring.

Detect Graphic

Detect the Real Threats

Powerful open XDR provides over 50,000 detections for known and unknown behaviors. These detections are mapped to the cybersecurity kill chain to act as an early warning detection system.

Investigate Graphic

Investigate the Problem

Threat hunting is critical in cybersecurity operations and a key part of the BriteProtect approach. The Brite team proactively searches through rich datasets looking for malicious activity. Once detected, analysts respond and generate communication alerts based on predetermined playbooks.

Respond Graphic

Immediate Response

BriteProtect provides automatic, predetermined event response capabilities that include creating a ticket, triggering an alert or automating response actions. Additional capabilities are possible when existing security tools (firewall, endpoints, etc) are integrated for an orchestrated response.

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