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Are you ready for the latest Forescout version?

Find out with Brite's 2 hour readiness assessment!

Brite is offering a complimentary 2 hour readiness assessment to all existing Forescout service customers. Brite will analyze your current use cases, determine the necessary steps to upgrade the environment to latest Forescout version and recommend additional configuration changes.

Gain all the benefits of Forescout without the concern of upgrading.

Brite is a Three-Time North American Forescout Partner of the Year!

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Brite's Professional Services for Forescout

Brite’s Forescout certified and experienced engineers assist at every stage of the process. From pre-deployment planning and implementation to administrator training, additional configuration and long-term support, Brite is here to help. See our Forescout service packages below to determine how Brite can best assist your organization.

Let Brite Take the Lead

Most organizations are tool heavy and human resources short. As a result, many of the tools are underutilized and fall short of expectations.  Brite developed Enhanced Professional Services (EPS) for Forescout to maximize the capabilities, (and Forescout has endless capabilities).

The EPS for Forescout is broken into 4 major phases delivered over a 12 month period:

  1. Visibility and Classification of the network connected devices
  2. Clarification (corporate vs non-corporate) of the connected devices
  3. Control and Automation of devices through co-develop policies (allow, deny, quarantine, isolate, vlan, etc).  Automation may include orchestration with existing security tools.
  4. Display real-time and measure overtime, device compliance compared to requirements (provided in detailed reports and dashboards)

Brite’s certified Forescout engineers and project management team lead your organization through a 12 month journey including post implementation support.

Assess Your Forescout Environment

Many tools fall subject to “set it and forget it”.  Even if you use the tool every day, it is necessary to take a step back and analyze the configuration.  The Health Check for Forescout will do just that.  In 2 hours, Brite’s certified engineers systematically step through the following:

  • Assess policies (classification, clarification, compliance and control)
  • Identification of unmanaged devices
  • Use case mapping
  • Appliance review
  • Plugin review
  • Validation of proper backup schedule

At the conclusion of the Health Check, Brite will provide a comprehensive read out report with detailed findings and appropriate recommendations.

In addition, Brite’s Health Check for Forescout will prepare your organization for the Forescout 8.2 upgrade.

Assistance from Brite

Implementation services to help deploy a product is not a new concept.  Delivering an effective, reliable service is where many fall short.  Brite’s experienced engineers and project management team provide a proven process to quickly deploy Forescout as intended.  Below are the three most common projects we assist with.


Brite’s Visibility Pack is a set of standard procedures that shorten the time to true visibility of all devices
(including managed and unmanaged) through the following:

  • Planning and design services
  • Forescout eyeSight configuration, policies, and plugins

Once complete, organizations see the value of this powerful visibility tool, quickly.


Brite’s Enforcement Pack is a secondary set of procedures to enable enforcement through:

  • Planning and design services
  • Resolving unknown/unmanaged devices
  • Creating/adjusting policies for action, clarification, and compliance
  • Developing repeatable strategy for additional sites or segment to full enforcement
  • Assisting in the development of an in-house Forescout Triage Team

Once complete, organizations can be confident that their policies are being properly enforced with minimal impact to daily user workflows.

Module Deployment

Brite’s Module Deployment projects assist customers to implement a bidirectional connection with new and existing security tools.  Some examples of these tools include:

  • CMDB and Ticketing: ServiceNow
  • Endpoint: CrowdStrike
  • Network: Palo Alto, Check Point
  • SIEM: QRadar, Splunk
  • VM: Rapid7, Tenable, Qualys

Post deployment, organizations can gain additional value through true automation.

Forescout Certified Administrator Course (FSCA)
Do It Yourself

Take the reins of your environment with the Forescout Certified Administrator (FSCA) training course. Brite is pleased to offer the 4-day FSCA course both on site and virtually. Brite’s training-certified engineers will walk you through the hands-on training and offer their abundant real-world, multi-environment experience to assist in the education process. After the course, participants will be prepared for the FSCA exam.

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