Securing Data In All Forms

How do you protect your organization’s critical data?

Unprotected data leaves organizations susceptible to a costly breach. It is important to implement a data loss prevention strategy throughout its lifecycle: at rest, in motion, in use and in the cloud. Brite’s Data Protection solutions include but are not limited to encryption, data loss protection, and digital rights management.

Data is everywhere. Protect your critical assets with a data loss prevention strategy.

Protecting Data at Rest

Ensure critical data stored on hard drives, servers and computers is protected beyond perimeter defense methods. Safeguard business-critical data from perimeter breaches with advanced data protection methods.

Protecting Data in Motion

Protect the organization’s data as it moves from between networks or is transferred to the cloud. Ensure that it cannot be intercepted by unwanted parties and that only those who should receive the data actually receive the data.

Protecting Data in Use

Build tight controls on data in use by limiting access and incorporating a layer of user authentication.  Create a secure data environment without impeding the flow of business.

Protecting Data in the Cloud

Gain visibility into the cloud infrastructure, applications and the use of the assets with cloud security solutions.

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