How are you controlling BYOD devices?


Seeing is believing, control is even better.

It is no secret that the number of connected devices has and will continuing to grow at an explosive rate.  Gartner estimates by 2020, the number of connected devices will exceed 20 billion.

For me, it is pretty easy to believe their estimate.  Like most people, I am typically tethered to a laptop, tablet, smart phone and often wear a smartwatch (when I don’t forget to charge it).

As an individual, these devices feed our need for instant information and resolve our paranoia of missing out. Oh yea, and improve our productivity.  While this may help us personally and professionally, it causes grave concern for IT and IS professionals. Gartner believes less than 10% of these devices, when connecting to corporate networks will be managed by traditional means.  Without the proper tools, it is impossible to see, manage and insure only authorize devices are on the network and accessing corporate resources.   As a result, IDC believes that within the next year, 90% of IT networks will have a IoT based security breach!

We can’t slow, let alone stop the growth of connected devices, so we need to utilize technologies that address the threat.  One such approach is to gain 100% visibility and control of the devices at the time they connect to the network..

Many of our clients turn to ForeScout’s CounterACT to agentlessly identify devices in real time.  Once visible, the devices are interrogated on many levels. (e.g. is it a managed or unmanaged device, is approved software installed and up to date, are the correct software patches applied?) Based on the extensive depth of information collected, decisions are instantly and autonomously made by CounterACT to provide appropriate network and resource access.  This automation saves IT professionals from spending countless hours on simple tasks.  CounterACT, provides continuous visibility, re-evaluating the security posture at reach reconnect


Interested in seeing what Gartner’s has to say about the subject?  Use Gartner’s Managed Diversity Model for BYOD and CYOD to Manage and Safeguard Users, IT and the Business”. Spoiler alert – ForeScout embodies the same concepts presented by Gartner.


Alternatively, Contact Us and see how ForeScout can provide the ultimate visibility and control of your network

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