Maximize productivity, response times and officer safety by having the right connectivity. As connected technology is more common in public safety vehicles (AVL, LPR, Video, etc.) there is a need for faster and more reliable internet connections. Brite’s communication product line-up empowers departments to take advantage of FirstNet and Band 14 technology. Get the best, most reliable connectivity with the latest networks and equipment.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless rugged vehicle routers and gateways power the full range of connected public safety applications in the vehicle, with the secure communications that responders need to do their jobs.

Popular Models


Cradlepoint provides a modern approach to mobile networking for organizations that depend on field forces and constant mobile connectivity. Each all-in-one mobile routing solution provides extensible in-vehicle 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity.


Airgain antenna-modems integrates an active radio modem directly with external antennas within the same enclosure. In vehicular installations the signal strength fades significantly as it flows to and from the modem, typically located in the trunk of a vehicle.

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