Better Together: Forescout and SIEM Tools

The day has come. It’s final part of our ‘Better Together’ series featuring Forescout.  The series has explored integrating Forescout with CrowdStrike, ServiceNow and Vulnerability Assessment tools to enhance the features and benefits maximizing both the security and investment.  Today, we’re talking about the benefits of Forescout integrated with SIEM tools. 

Before hearing from Forescout Product Development, we’re going to: 

  • Establish the Forescout and Forescout eyeExtend foundation
  • Explore Forescout and SIEM use cases
  • Talk with Tom Dolan, Forescout Product Development 

The Foundation: Forescout eyeExtend

This series is built on maximizing and extending Forescout’s visibility capabilities to discover devices the instant they connect to the network.  The Forescout eyeExtend module allows for bidirectional API communication between tools to share contextual insights and automate actions and controls.  

The real-time, immediate insight of devices continues to prove powerful as the number of devices connected to the network continues to increase.  

Better Together: Forescout and SIEM

A SIEM is a well-known staple in IT departments to comprehensively monitor for attacks; the following are the top three use cases when paired with Forescout and the eyeExtend platform: 

  1. Gain visibility of devices on the network and enhance SIEM capabilities by eliminating blind spots.  
  2. Enhance situational awarenesby enabling rapid detection and remediation of devices as information is shared between multiple security tools, the SIEM and Forescout.
  3. Accelerate incident response through mitigation and remediation workflows between Forescout and the SIEM.

Hear from Forescout Product Development to hear more about the powerful combination of Forescout and SIEM tools. 

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