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Better Together: Forescout and CrowdStrike

Forescout’s Network Access Control and Visibility platform meet CrowdStrike’s Advanced Threat Detection.  Each security tool is powerful separately, but when integrated are better together.  

The focus behind our ‘Better Together’ series is maximizing the value of security tools when paired together and with proper and continuous management.  Today, in part one of the series, we’re exploring the Forescout and CrowdStrike integration.

This blog… 

  • Establishes the Forescout eyeExtend foundation
  • Explores Forescout and CrowdStrike integration use cases
  • Hear from Forescout Product Development 

Forescout eyeExtend Foundation

The foundation of this installment of the ‘Better Together’ series is Forescout’s eyeExtend platform.  eyeExtend allows for bidirectional API communication to share contextual insights and automate actions and controls. 

That level of insight is critical as maturing attack methods and shifting work boundaries create an unprecedented need for visibility and control of connected devices.

Better Together: Forescout and CrowdStrike Integration

Today, the focus is around combining the visibility capabilities of Forescout eyeExtend with CrowdStrike’s endpoint security and advanced threat detection. 

The Forescout and CrowdStrike integration provides the following use cases:

  1. Gain visibility of devices on the network and verify compliance.  This is Forescout’s bread and butter, identify all devices the second they connect to the network.  Once identified, Forescout can verify compliance such as checking if the CrowdStrike agent is installed.
  2. Manage CrowdStrike devices that are off-network.  Gain the ability to feed information to Forescout about devices that are off the network, extending Forescout’s visibility.
  3. Automatically respond to CrowdStrike endpoint security events with Forescout network controls.
  4. Utilize the threat protection and intelligence gathered from CrowdStrike in Forescout to take automated actions when devices are connected to the network. 

Hear from Forescout product development to learn more about the Forescout and CrowdStrike integration. 

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