Another Brite FSCA Training Course

Exciting news!!! Brite’s hosting our first FSCA course of 2021 the week of February 22nd. Although we host the course a few times a year, we realized that you might not know what we’re talking about. So, let’s catch you up with a FSCA course rundown. 

Brite’s FSCA Training Course

A few times a year we host a (virtual) four-day FSCA training course.  The course is the first step in preparing for the Forescout Certified Administrator (FSCA) certification.  Each day covers four chapters, ranging from a Forescout introduction all the way to common troubleshooting methods.  And this isn’t just a boring, day long presentation, but rather an interactive training course with lab and hands on experience.

The course instructor is Brite’s lead Forescout engineer, Matt.  With his years of experience, he’s well equipped with the knowledge to train and help students prepare for the test and brings in his real-world, multi-environment experience.  We don’t have a stat card for him but here are a few so you can trust us that he’s good: 

  • Number of years at Brite: 9
  • Number of years as a Forescout certified engineer (FSCE): 5
  • Number of years as a certified instructor: 3
  • Brite named Forescout Partner of the Year: 2017, 2018

Are you ready to register for the course? Here’s the registration page. If we haven’t sold you yet, here’s some more info. 

Wait, should I be getting a FSCA certification?

The FSCA certification is the first course in Forescout’s entire training program.  This certification enables administrators to sustain CounterACT in complex environments.  Whether you’re currently a Forescout administrator, or simply looking to add to your portfolio of skills, the certification covers the theory and fundamentals of CounterACT administration.  

Now if you’re unfamiliar with Forescout, it’s a network access control platform providing organizations with real-time visibility, insights and control of their networks.  Adding this certificate to your portfolio educates you and prepares you with the skills to gain network visibility for any organization.  

Okay so after this course I’ll be certified? 

Not quite.  This is a training course to help in your preparation for the certification exam. However, after the course you will be prepared to take the exam.  Rather than preparing on your own, group up with like-minded individuals. 

Course Content Breakdown. 

Like we said, the course is spread out through four-days and covers 15 chapters.  You can look at a more complete breakdown of the schedule here – but here’s a quick highlight list: 

  • Terms and Architecture: learn commonly used terms
  • CounterACT Deployment: best practices for a successful deployment
  • Compliance: create policies to establish a network and endpoint compliance
  • Troubleshooting: common troubleshooting methods in deployment 

Whether you’re looking to take the certification or know a peer who would benefit from it, our FSCA is a great first stop to jumpstart your preparation.  Our next one begins February 22nd, but if you register before February 15th, you’ll get a discount.  And, if this one doesn’t work with your schedule, then just keep an eye out for our next one.  

Register for the course here:


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