3 Keys to a Successful Zero Trust Journey

You can’t buy zero trust. We said that in part one and stand by that statement. While you can buy solutions to enforce zero trust, the designing of a successful zero trust architecture is left up to the security teams. And we want to set your team up for a successful zero trust journey with insight on common challenges and how to overcome them.

Top 3 Challenges in implementing zero trust

Zero trust is flipping the way we approach cybersecurity. Many of us built our environments around past approaches that focused on the perimeter and the attack surface. Now with a focus on the data, users and applications, there will be inherent hurdles to overcome. Here are three common challenges when implementing zero trust:

Challenge 1: Complicated application management

With the mindset of protecting data, it requires policies around applications where that data is accessed or stored. The issue is when there are legacy​ or third-party​ applications that restrict the flexibility. Additionally, hybrid technology silos and a lack of technology integrations interfere with seamless implementation.

Challenge 2: Lack of resources

Zero trust is an organization-wide, network-wide program. It requires significant time, effort and skill to properly deploy and maintain. In some instances, it would be better to build a new network, but those teams don’t have that option​. Business and cyberattacks don’t stop for us to rebuild.

Challenge 3: Keeping count

There are more devices and users than ever before, with no plans to slow down soon. Security teams must be agile and prepared for a continued influx of both users and devices.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Being aware of these common challenges and the keys to overcoming them will set your team up for a successful zero trust journey from the beginning.

A Successful Zero Trust J0urney with a partner

Security teams were spread thin before zero trust became a priority. Now adding on an entirely new approach is overwhelming for most. That’s why a knowledgeable technology integration partner like Brite has your back.

From advisors and support to engineers and security analysts, our team is prepared to work alongside yours to plan, develop and sustain your zero trust program.

Let’s get started on your journey today.


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